St. George Island
Apalachicola, Florida
September 22, 2018


Fundraisers Hosted by Bird Dog Boats (FDACS CH65983) 

Bird Dog Boats is pleased host our boating fundraisers that raise money for organizations that benefit people using wheelchairs.  These fundraisers are based on great people who volunteer to go boating for the sake of raising funds for their wonderful causes.

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      Ryan Gebauer is boating on Bird Dog Boats in March of 2022 in Port St. Lucie FL to raise funds for Access The Sea, an outstanding nonprofit based in West Palm Beach, FL that takes people with disabilities boating on the intracoastal waterways in southeast Florida. 

   ‘Ryan does so much for so many others including me.  If it were not for him rolling into my hospital room to say “hey” after my injury, I do not think I would have handled this anywhere near as well.  He is the president of a spinal cord injury support group and a

   Gordon Palmer is boating on Bird Dog Boats
in April of 2022 in Apalachicola, FL to raise
funds for SportsAbility Alliance. Gordon worked
for the State of Florida Department of Labor for
thirty-one years.

   For over three decades SportsAbility has been the cornerstone nonprofit organization that has brought adaptive recreation to the State of Florida.  This fundraiser comes from the heart because Bird Dog Boats exists only because David and Laurie put it in motion, like they did for so many other organizations that strive to benefit people with disabilities.  Please join Gordon Palmer and Bird Dog Boats by making a donation or becoming a sponsor.

   David Jones said, “If you can help people to help others, you will change the world,”                                                                                                                                                                           …and he did.

board member of Access The Sea.
Ryan is the type of person that literally, if he sees someone in a wheelchair, will ask his helper to pull over to say hey, how are you doing? and then do whatever he can to help a complete stranger in a wheelchair.

                    ...Robert Games
                       (above on right)

    Please join Ryan Gebauer and Bird Dog Boats to raise funds for Access The Sea by making a donation or becoming a sponsor for this pinnacle event.  

Sponsors for Bird Dog Boats' hosted Fundraisers

On behalf of the beneficiaries and guests, thank you for your great sponsorships that make these events and contributions possible.