Cedar Keys
Atsena Otie Key

Thomas and his wife Denise Griffin were both born in Tampa, FL and have two children, Sarah and Thomas R, both whom are attending Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers, FL.  The Griffin family is pleased to work for the charitable cause brought forward by Bird Dog Boats.

Thomas Griffin, a graduate from the University of Florida, has
worked thirty-eight years in ocean freight logistics, working for
his own companies and licensed by the Federal Maritime
Commission since 1992.  His experiences range from shipping
ocean freight containers to shipping Caterpillar equipment with
roll-on, roll-off vessels.  These experiences influenced the idea
to develop and patent a recreational boat that offers a roll-on,
roll-off logistic for people using wheelchairs.

Thomas Griffin grew up boating and camping in many areas in
Florida.  As his children grew up, they enjoyed boating and
outdoor sports.  And as a Cubmaster for four years, he led
many weekend camping trips for groups of young families.

"Boating and water sports like fishing, beaching and kayaking
have always been an important part of my family's well-being.                              Thomas & Denise Griffin    
Bird Dog Boats is dedicated to bringing the same opportunities                             in Mayakka State Park, FL
to families that have loved ones with disabilities."                                                   November 30, 2019

                                                                ...Thomas Griffin

Thomas Griffin, Founder and Director of Bird Dog Boats, scalloping three miles off shore from Cedar Key, FL
August 6, 2019